A Documentary About a Journey of Healing and Personal Transformation to Last a Lifetime
What is most important? Is it the journey? Or is it the destination?
"I started dancing at a time in my life when everything was upside down," said Stephanie Durham. "It was like I went to a place where I was therapeutically healing physically, emotionally, spiritually, and the more people I spoke with, the more people shared how they ended up in some fashion healing a portion of their lives, or an issue, or a relationship, or a physical thing. And I got this idea: if dancing could bring this and help transform me, then it would benefit others."
The documentary, Toe to Heal, follows the lives of six individuals who all have a story of healing through dance. Stephanie, Dale, Joanna, David, Tara and Enae invite you to join them on their journey -- through tears and triumph. Toe to Heal, tells the individual story of each person over a period of time as segments that are woven into the central theme of healing in all forms. Even though these people have known each other a short time – they form a bond, a shared sense of personal transformation known to last an entire lifetime.
Our Mission Statement
To share inspirational stories of courage, healing and personal growth experienced through the unique sport/art of ballroom and partner dancing further encouraging, supporting and inspiring others to take the journey to reconnect with their passion, spirit and grace using the movement of dance.