The Crew of Toe to Heal

Enae Boone
As a producer and also a “new” dancer, Enae holds a unique position on this film as his time is spent both behind the camera and also in front of it. Enae has been a salsa dancer for only the past 4 months, and has just begun the journey toward self-discovery and renewed spirit that dancing can bring.

Originally from New York City, Enae has been a television professional for the past 16 years producing programs for a variety of companies including A&E, The History Channel, CBS, CNN, The Discovery Health Channel, MTV, Cablevision, The Food Network, NY1 News, and Time Warner.

Some of Enae's production credits include, Dr. G: Medical Examiner, Breaking Vegas, A&E Investigative Reports, Skeleton Stories, American Eats, Super Tools, CBS I-Witness, HomeTeam, The Source: All Access, Maximum Science, and CNN NewsStand: PEOPLE Profiles.

Victor Shapiro
A two-time Emmy nominated writer, producer and director, Vic Shapiro is a veteran of commercial production and broadcast television with more than twenty-five years experience. Before joining Toe to Heal, Vic spent three years in broadband sales with AT&T Media Services. Prior to that time Vic had a five-year stint as News Marketing Director for the UPN network flagship station, UPN 13, in Los Angeles, California. Vic has worked in virtually every production and creative phase of the industry receiving local and national recognition. This includes numerous Utah Advertising Federation and District 12 Addy Awards, National PROMAX Gold & Silver Medallion Awards, bronze medal recognition from the New York Film and Television Festival, multiple Telly & Mercury Awards as well as the two Emmy nominations in Los Angeles.

Scott Jones
Scott’s interest in “making movies” began early in life. “When I was a kid, I used to turn my binoculars backwards so everything looked far away and then, pretend I was viewing the world on a distant movie screen”.

Over the past 20 years, Scott has worked on numerous projects in the realm of television and feature films. His willingness to work in many different capacities has afforded him a well rounded understanding of the world of film making.

Prior to joining the team of “Toe to Heal” Scott’s most recent credits include; A two season stint as Location Manager on the nationally syndicated television show, “HomeTeam," producer on Outdoor Channel’s production of “Scouting USA” and Creative Director for web video content producer “Venture on Demand”.

Scott currently resides in Bend Oregon where he spends his free time fly fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

Jeff Chen
Jeffrey Chen was born in Minnesota in 1982, but grew up mostly in the Seattle area. At a young age his parents introduced him to the music world via the piano. Jeff excels at both music and math - and it has served him well in his career and areas of personal interest. Jeff studied the piano for roughly 5 years after which he started the school band program, excelling at the trumpet. He enjoys listening to and playing all kinds of music. Throughout his life he has been involved in many musical productions, playing both the piano and trumpet in pit orchestras.

Jeff is currently training to be a competitive ballroom dancer.

Donovan Ashley
Donovan Ashley was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1970. He grew up in Garland, where he exhibited an aptitude toward photography. By the time he turned 18, Donovan was a successful freelance photographer. Quickly acquiring skills as a wedding and national magazine photographer, Donovan distinguished himself as a professional when The Garland News hired him as a news photographer.

Not content with these successes, Donovan became the Event Coordinator for the City of Garland, eventually proving his aptitude toward organization and planning. In 2005, the Garland Independent School District hired Donovan as the Event Coordinator for the Special Events Center, a new $40-million dollar state-of-the-art facility built as a sporting, concert and convention venue.

Today Donovan continues to exemplify photographic excellence. Still shooting for neighboring school districts such as the rapidly growing Frisco ISD, he still finds time for magazine ads, is a specialist for the Garland ISD and served as still photographer and asset manager for The Home Team television production.

Jeff Hoien
Jeff Hoien is a location sound mixer who has been working in the Pacific Northwest since 1994. His clients have included some of the top production companies in the U.S. as well as all major networks and broadcast outlets, Lock and Key, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ESPN, NFL Films, New Dominion Films, Screaming Flea Productions, Fremantle Media.

Jeff has been working in the Pacific Northwest since moving from Texas in 1994. After graduating from North Texas State University in Denton, TX, he was hired as a staff sound mixer for a local production company in Dallas, TX where he worked until 1993. As a freelance sound mixer in the Seattle area he has had the opportunity to be a part of many different and exciting projects ranging from network news, documentary, corporate, reality and sports.

Jon McCourt
Jon helps keep things moving on the Toe to Heal production. He became involved in film when he worked on the reality television show, HomeTeam. While still new to the television industry, Jonathon brings a dynamic and youthful spirit to the team. Hardworking and reliable, Jonathon keeps the work we do fun and enjoyable.

An avid sports enthusiast and video game 'entrepreneur' – he's one of those guys that is just plain kind to kids and animals. Originally from Alaska, Jon has called the Seattle area home for 16 years.

Gene Salvatori
Gene Salvatori has worked as a Director/Cinematographer in production including television commercials, documentaries, feature films, corporate films, music videos, and live sporting events on both a regional, national and international level. His clients include, Coke, Apple Computer, Sprint, Sprite, Sony, Nickelodeon, and Spike TV.

Highlights in his career include collaborating with many talented film makers including Steven Spielberg on the motion picture Hook. Gene was the Director of Photography for the CBS television series “Promised Land”. He worked extensively in 2001 with the Salt Lake Organizing Committee to produce several image campaigns for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

He recently completed priciple photography on the film Snowmen, starring Ray Liotta, coming to theaters this Christmas.

Alexandra Martin
Since the age of three, Alexandra has been passionate about movement and athletics, whether it was watching professionals performing on TV, or imitating their artistic expression in the open space of her parent’s living room in her hometown of Bratislava, Slovakia.

She recalls sitting on a sofa, looking at a picture of her mother in a tutu, dreaming of one day becoming a dancer herself. She has spent more than 16 years as a dancer, competitor, trainer and dance coach. During this time, Alexandra has traveled throughout Europe to attend competitions, workshops, dance camps and had the opportunity to work with some of the most known and respected dance coaches worldwide.

Leaving family, safe environment of home, and everything that was known to her behind, Alexandra moved to the United States.

Alexandra has worked as a dance instructor/competitive coach and had a chance to assist numerous individuals in their path of life-changing personal transformations through dancing. She uses a way of connecting with others and temporarily disconnecting with daily problems and struggles in her daily training with students. Ballroom dancing has remained an important part of her life.

Stephen Victor
Stephen, while being an ordinary man, is uncommon and extraordinary in his thinking, approach to change, creativity and “how” one unfolds life, work and business endeavors. Although the results of those he has worked with are strongly credentialed in themselves, what he says about himself is: “I get up when I fall; my credentials are what you see, hear and feel in my presence - and how you change as I work.”

Stephen Victor is a business consultant, writer, visionary, mystic, poet and pioneer in the fields of human possibility and consciousness. He works in Europe and the Middle East, as well as the United States.

Trained as an NLP Master Practitioner, Stephen convened and conducted NLP Practitioner Certification training, led personal growth seminars and provided consultancy and mediation services to businesses, organizations and educational institutions. He developed and facilitated Fields of Grace® public workshops. These workshops are conducted throughout the U.S., Europe and The Middle East.

Laura Reynolds
As a successful, independent business person, Laura is a trained Real Estate Professional and an Event Planning Pro. She has been particularly active in non-profit events that focus on organizations that benefit the community. Laura is experienced in a wide range of other areas of business. Enjoying the challenge is where she ‘shines’.

Laura herself recently joined the dancing community and found that it greatly relieved the stress of business and personal life challenges.

Jennifer O'Brien
Jennifer O’Brien joined the Toe to Heal team to support the marketing and PR initiatives, but primarily because she loved the vision of the project and the people involved. Jen has more than 12 years of marketing experience and currently works at a large travel agency.

Her interest in film began in 2006 when she was hired to do marketing for HomeTeam, an award-winning “cause” reality show. During her time at HomeTeam the show secured media coverage in more than 60 U.S. dailies and industry trade publications and won two awards: an Accolade and a Telly Award.

Jennifer has also held several marketing and PR jobs in Web development companies such as MindOH!, Luminant Worldwide and Free Range Media

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