Dancer Testimonials
Dance Has Helped Overcome
"Consider for a moment that perhaps we diminish the blessing of life when we hide from what has harmed us, but by dancing through the pain we can transform it and ourselves into something so much better."
Stephanie Durham, Dancer

"It is, I think, one of the reigning hallmarks of civility through all of human history. It has always been dancing. Any time kings are crowned there were dances. Any time there was a social function of high standing there were dances."
David Northrop, Dancer

"Once you get into it, it’s not about you anymore. It’s about you providing a shape for the other person. It’s about sharing. It’s about community and what you can provide."
Dale Strnad, Dancer

"I met so many friends when I started dancing because you've got all these people coming together that have a common interest. I mean how cool is that?"
Joanna Mummert, Dancer

"I’m in love with life. Life is so exciting. I’m in love with creating life, creating what you want life to be, that’s what I’m in love with ..."
Tara Wilkins, Dancer