Enae Boone
As a producer and also a “new” dancer, Enae holds a unique position on this film as his time is spent both behind the camera and also in front of it. Enae has been a salsa dancer for only the past 4 months, and has just begun the journey toward self-discovery and renewed spirit that dancing can bring.

Originally from New York City, Enae has been a television professional for the past 16 years producing programs for a variety of companies including A&E, The History Channel, CBS, CNN, The Discovery Health Channel, MTV, Cablevision, The Food Network, NY1 News, and Time Warner.

Some of Enae's production credits include, Dr. G: Medical Examiner, Breaking Vegas, A&E Investigative Reports, Skeleton Stories, American Eats, Super Tools, CBS I-Witness, HomeTeam, The Source: All Access, Maximum Science, and CNN NewsStand: PEOPLE Profiles.