Joanna Mummert
Joanna remembers enjoying dance from a very young age when her mom signed her up for ballet lessons at a local community center.

"As an adult I have tried different types of dance because it gave me the opportunity to connect with different communities," Joanna said.

"I was welcomed into the Hawaiian community when I was a dancer with Claire Cortez in her hula halau, Ke Liko A’e O Lei Lehua out of Kent, WA. Those were some very enjoyable years of my life because we were very much a family and I am still friends with many of my former hula sisters."

"I love the movement and the self-expression that comes forth in dance. The music touches my soul and I feel like I come more alive. I feel like my true self when I am dancing and I can’t help but smile."

Joanna's advice? "Don’t be afraid of getting it wrong or looking stupid. It’s all about giving it a shot and having fun. We all have a point where moves feel awkward but when it clicks, it’s a great feeling."